Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd.

The Steel-Craft Advantage

We overengineer everything. Everything.

We are so passionate about quality materials and parts that we make everything ourselves - from garage doors to springs to tracks to rollers. We skimp on nothing, which is a claim that no other garage door manufacturer can make. 

Basic design? Not really.

Steel-Craft designers know garage doors top to bottom, and we make them from the inside out, understanding exactly what architects, homebuilders and homeowners across Canada expect from the Steel-Craft name.

We offer many decorative options, but rest assured that the basic design behind each and every Steel-Craft door is tried and true, and built to withstand heavy use. 

Made for Canada.

We start with high-quality, Canadian-made steel when making our garage doors. With our cutting-edge manufacturing process, our durable steel panels have no open seams, meaning Old Man Winter can’t sneak through the cracks and into your home. Being made in Canada means our doors can stand up to our Canadian weather.

Just like the human body, joints are a garage door’s weakest link. But our door joints are engineered stronger. Where our roller bolts enter a door panel, we have a patented, best-in-industry method that sees the bolts nest in a triple fold of steel. Even steel makers wonder how we do it. 

A weather seal is good, but a weather lock is better. Our mechanical interlock mechanisms ensure panels fit tightly against each other for smooth opening and closing and energy efficiency. Exterior-grade, double-finned steel/vinyl bottom weather-stripping is the finishing touch to every door’s perimeter. A continuous, Arctic-grade vinyl floor seal keeps warmth in and debris out.

Insulation that does more.

Once you go to such lengths to make a superior door with superior parts and performance, why would you cheap out on the insulation? In Canada? No way.

We start with eco-friendly polyurethane insulation, which offers twice the insulating value of polystyrene, a product many of our competitors settle for. Our polyurethane boasts other important advantages: 

  • Its high-density composition means it takes less to insulate more; 
  • It offers superior resistance to mould and mildew; and
  • It will not soften or melt, no matter the outside temperature. 

Best of all, our patented insulation process ensures the polyurethane reaches every corner of every panel, and it bonds directly with the steel, making ours the strongest garage doors out there.

Our polyurethane is also CFC- and HCFC-free, making it easier on the environment.

Works hard. Looks better.

We know it’s not all about strength, durability and function – you want your Steel-Craft garage door to look beautiful, too. Our wood grains are realistic, and we ensure our doors are primed and prepped with care so your white stays bright and your colours don’t fade. 

In fact, we cover our steel with a heavy-duty zinc coating, followed by a primer, which is then followed by a polyester topcoat. Our doors are easy to clean and built to withstand sun, weather and heavy use. They can also be painted, and we can help guide you to quality paint products.

The best warranty you’ll never need.

Sure, we have one. But, after thousands of tests performed on all of our parts, we don’t think you’ll ever need it. In fact, only 0.01% of our customers ever do.

The complete door is covered by our unnecessary warranty against workmanship and materials flaws plus a 15-year unnecessary warranty against cracking, splitting or deterioration due to rust. Contact a dealer for complete details on our unnecessary warranty.