Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd.


We overengineer everything. Everything.

A weather seal is good, but a WeatherLock is better.

Regular weather seals didn’t fully bind to minor floor irregularities, so Steel-Craft engineers developed an Arctic-grade vinyl bulb-shaped floor seal — our patented WeatherLock system — to provide full protection against penetration of outside air, dust, dirt and moisture.

This insulation does more than insulate. It’s a ClimaCore.

Steel-Craft’s ClimaCore insulation is specially engineered to have the highest quality insulation between the panels to provide higher R-Value, better strength and consistent protection from the elements.

There’s hardware, then there’s DuraWare.

Every Steel-Craft component is made in-house by Steel-Craft. Track, hinges, and rollers are made in Canada to handle our Canadian weather. Durable and highly efficient, Steel-Craft doors are made to last.

Backed by our Unnecessary Warranty.

Sure, we have a 15-year warranty. But, after thousands of tests performed on all of our parts, we don’t think you’ll ever need it. In fact, only 0.01% of our customers ever do. See dealer for complete details.